Steps to install RAM and NIC Cisco UCS Server

It is always very easy to install additional hardware components to Cisco UCS blade or Rack servers in non-production environment. If you have to add something to Cisco UCS blade or Rack server in your company’s data center or in customer production environments then you are given a small time window to perform your activity… Read More »

Error Establishing A Database Connection WordPress CentOS

Being novice to WordPress, but maintaining a Apache web server on CentOS 6.5 and maintaining a WordPress website. Surprisingly it was not a database issue, but a DDoS attack!!! After googling a lot related to MySQL database, i started monitoring my web server and found its CPU usage was becoming 100% by lot of Apache… Read More »

Capture Cisco CSR packets and Examine with wireshark

As you know the Cisco’s Cloud Services Router is a virtual router either installed and configured in public Clouds like Amazon Web Services, AWS, or in your private cloud hosted locally. I needed to capture and monitor the traffic on its interfaces with Wireshark. One way I could found is to capture your desired traffic… Read More »

Roundcube webmail tries to send mail from @

This issue happens when you login to your roundcube webmail with your email ID only and not writing full email address with domain name, so it writes your identity in email from box as abc@ If you log out and again login in with full user name including domain name, i.e then you can… Read More »

ESXi vmnic shows 20gb or 40gb instead of 10gb On UCS

After configuring UCS Service profile, installing VMWare ESXi and configuring Nexus 1000v, i found VMWare vmnics were showing 20 gbps per nic. It was little confusing for me as each UCS Server port from blade to Fabric Interconnect should show 10 gbps. I started exploring it and found an interesting design of Cisco UCS VIC… Read More »

Configure fencing on RedHat for Cisco UCS

How to configure fencing on RedHat or CentOS Linux installed on Cisco Unified Computing System UCS blade Servers. Below is a single command to shut a blade server when configuring fencing on Linux Command to enter on redhat machine #fence_cisco_ucs -a UCS-Domain-VIP -l User-ID -p ******** -z -n org-root/SERVICE-PROFILE-NAME -o status replace above in blue… Read More »

How to install iperf3 on CentOS 7 offline

To install iperf3 on CentOS 7 in offline mode, you need to download two files one for EPEL libraries and one for iperf3, upload to your CentOS machine with WinSCP and then follow two command (given below) to install the iperf3. Click here to download the latest version of iperf3 Click here to download the… Read More »

%Port 443 is being used by system

Got stuck with this error on Cisco Cloud Services Router, CSR Version 03.16.04a.S. When configuring static NAT rule as per below CSR(config)#ip nat inside source static tcp 443 interface GigabitEthernet1 443 %Port 443 is being used by system Found some Work around while Googling and also a Cisco Bug with same error in Cisco Advanced… Read More »

How to configure timezone for GrayLog2 on Ubuntu

Below are the two steps to configure time zone on GrayLog2 server, installed on Ubuntu deployed as virtual appliance. $sudo graylog-ctl set-timezone <zone acronym> check time zone list here Restart or reconfigure the graylog service by this command $ sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure $ sudo graylog-ctl restart graylog-server

Configure DHCP and DNS Roles on TMG Server

Providing services of DNS and DHCP on the same Firewall server (TMG-2010) is not recommended and create exploitations threat to the firewall itself, but you can configure it for providing internet services when main servers are down for some reasons. This is a one server providing all basic services to run an internet as a temporary backup.… Read More »