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Unable to remotely access vmware workstation VM with bridge adapter

So the issue is, I can ping the gateway IP address and access the internet from inside Virtual Machine running under VMware Workstation 16.x. But I am unable to access the same VM from my laptop or any machine on the local subnet address of that Bridge Adapter.  I followed all the troubleshooting steps at VMware KB  Troubleshooting network connectivity issues for Windows virtual machines in VMware Workstation (2019836)  and also followed a long list of suggested fixes at the vmware community discussion  Network Bridge Mode Not Working Windows 10 Host , but nothing worked for me.  My VM and workstations was running for months without any issue and suddently this isssue has happed, so I started thinking of installing recent programs in my laptop that might cause the issue. And I found that one of the recent program installed in my PC is Citrix Gateway app, I could also see a virtual network adapter create by this app in the Network and Sharing Center .  Upon un-installing this Citrix gat
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Unable to See Config and CLI Tabs in Cisco Packet Tracer

If you are unable to see Config and CLI tabs in Cisco Packet Tracer for all of your devices, then you need to know that, there is an option to hide/unhide configuration or CLI tabs for all the devices in Packet tracer. And to get these two tabs back you need to go to the menu options as below Click Options > Preference > Show/Hide and uncheck all options those are hiding the required tabs.  Check below snapshot for sample

Unable to Perform Image Update on the Adapter 2 Intel Corp UCSC-PCIE-ID10GF

While applying Service Profile to newly discovered UCS Rack Servers (UCSC-220M5L)  getting this error " Unable to Perform Image Update on the Adapter 2 Intel Corp UCSC-PCIE-ID10GF ". Though the servers are fully discovered without any error but when the service profile is applied it fails, as the Service profile has new firmware policy "UCS firmware Version 4.0 4h) and there is new firmware for Intel adapter cards in it. So when Service profile FSM reaches (77%) to upgrade the firmware of Intel Adapter Cards it fails every time. I have ten new rack servers and all are failing on this error. I don't want upgrade the UCS firmware as I recently upgraded firmware from 3.1x to 4.0 4x. To avoid second UCS firmware upgrade, I tried a work around and it worked, so worth to share here: Download HUU (Host Upgrade Utility) ISO from Cisco Website (HUU ISO is to upgrade firmware when you have standalone Rack Servers i.e. not integrated with UCSM. But it is completely Ok if you up