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How to find out what VMTools version will come with ESXi

Before installing an VMWare ESXi server i was little curious that what VMTools version will come after the ESXi have been installed and any VM has been created. Looking around found a link on VMWare worth to share and keep handy while working on the deployment of VMWare especially before upgrading and existing VMWare infrastructure to newer one you would like to know the VMTools version, its support with your Operating Systems in Guest OS and/or read upon open or resolved caveats by identifying the VMTools version prior the installation and choosing the right version for your environment. Below information has been collected from the link  here # The ESXi server mapping is only to show that the particular version of # Tools ships with that particular ESXi server build number, but the Tools # can work with a greater range of ESXi versions. # # Column 1: Tools version on NGC/VI Client # Column 2: ESXi server version.'esx/0.0' indicates that the tools version # is not yet bu