Configure fencing on RedHat for Cisco UCS

How to configure fencing on RedHat or CentOS Linux installed on Cisco Unified Computing System UCS blade Servers.
Below is a single command to shut a blade server when configuring fencing on Linux
Command to enter on redhat machine

#fence_cisco_ucs -a UCS-Domain-VIP -l User-ID -p ******** -z -n org-root/SERVICE-PROFILE-NAME -o status

replace above in blue font with the following information

UCS-Domain-VIP                 =              UCS manager IP
User-ID                                   =              User ID
******                                       =              password of User ID
SERVICE-PROFILE-NAME =              replace it with the service profile name of the server

Create a new ID in UCS Manager with only power on/off rights, and use that ID to send fencing poweroff command to the UCS Blades from RedHat Linux

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