How to install iperf3 on CentOS 7 offline

To install iperf3 on CentOS 7 in offline mode, you need to download two files one for EPEL libraries and one for iperf3, upload to your CentOS machine with WinSCP and then follow two command (given below) to install the iperf3.

Click here to download the latest version of iperf3

Click here to download the latest EPEL library file

EPEL libraries file should have name like this epel-release-*.rpm
Upload both files to your CentOS machine, say in /tmp folder
Take SSH Session of CentOS Machines

Go to the folder where you uploaded both files, i.e. /tmp

Install EPEL release rpm with following command
# rpm -Uvh epel-release-*rpm

Install iperf3 with following command
#rpm -Uvh iperf3-*.rpm

iperf3 has been successfully installed on your CentOS machine.

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