Roundcube webmail tries to send mail from @

This issue happens when you login to your roundcube webmail with your email ID only and not writing full email address with domain name, so it writes your identity in email from box as abc@
If you log out and again login in with full user name including domain name, i.e then you can see your send email from is correct to you full email address and not abc@
So either you can always login to the webmail with full email address or do one change in the roundcube configuration to add your email domain to the login id automatically.
Go to the configuration folder of roundcube.
I am using iRedmail with default installations on Ubuntu, so my default path is located at /opt/www/roundcube/configs/
open this configuration file in text editor and uncomment the follwoing
$config[‘username_domain’] = ”;
after uncommenting add your email domain in the inverted commas, like below
$config[‘username_domain’] = ‘’;
after making changes, restart the apache service
$sudo service apache2 restart (this is ubuntu command)
Now you should see your full email address in from list on roundcube webmail. Leave comment if it worked for you

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