%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)

After I reset my Cisco Router 1841, It started to give error messages like below; 

%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)
%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)
%Error opening tftp:// out)
%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)

Actually these error messages are caused due to default configurations in Cisco IOS Software, which attempts to access the service configuration files from a network Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server, and if the router is unable to acces the TFTP Server then it start displaying these messages.
Yo can stop displaying these error message by entering following commands at Cisco CLI 

Router#config terminal 
Enter configuration commands, one per line. 

Router(config)#no service (this is command to stop these error messages)

config Router(config)#end


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