Recover Data from Drive with Not initialized Disk Error

Having an Internal or External Hard Disk that you were using without any problem, but suddenly it is giving error that the disk is not initialized! In this situation you can not see any disk Drive in My Computer, but when you go to the Windows Disk Management utility, it is shown there with message “You must initialize a Disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it“.

I started getting this message on my 500 GB external Hard drive since it fell down the ground. I tried many data recovery software, but no recovery software was able to communicate with the faulty drive as the disk starts communication with the PC once it is initialized.

Googling this initializing problem, i found it works some times but sometimes it even worsen the case. So i was not taking that risk and continued googling found a Magic Solution for my issue, the software called Partition Find and Mount

What this tool does, Scans for the drive and the mounts it as a Normal Drive, and open Windows Explorer… After you can simply copy and paste all of your important data from the mounted drive to your Computer’s working drive… So easy???

You can download a free version of this Find and Mount Tool, but the free version has only the limitation of copy transfer rate of 512 KB/Sec, and that transfer rate can be increased with Pro Version.

For Scanning the drive
Open Partition Find and Mount program
Click Scan your faulty drive with default or Recommended Option.
Once the scan is completed, Just Copy and Paste your Important data to other location.

After taking backup of your Important data, you can play with your faulty drive as you want, mean try to initialize, partition or format it.

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