What are different Cisco IOS CLI Modes

User EXEC 
Denoted by “>” or Router>
User EXEC commands allow you to connect to remote devices, change terminal settings on a temporary basis, perform basic tests, and list system information. The EXEC commands available at the user level are a subset of those available at the privileged level.

Privileged EXEC
Denoted by “#” or Router#
Privileged EXEC commands set operating parameters. The privileged command set includes those commands contained in user EXEC mode, and also the configure command through which you can access the remaining command modes. Privileged EXEC mode also includes high-level testing commands, such as debug.

Global configuration
Denoted by “Config” or Router(Config)#
Global configuration commands apply to features that affect the system as a whole.

Interface configuration 
Denoted by “(Config-if)” or Router(Config-if)#
Interface configuration commands modify the operation of an interface such as an Ethernet or serial port. Many features are enabled on a per-interface basis. Interface configuration commands always follow an interface global configuration command, which defines the interface type.

ROM monitor 
Denoted by “Rommon 1>
ROM monitor commands are used to perform low-level diagnostics. You can also use the ROM monitor commands to recover from a system failure and stop the boot process in a specific operating environment.

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