VMWare Datastore inactive but Status Normal

I got this issue with my iSCSI disk provided by Microsoft Windows Server. I am able to access the iSCSI datastore, all of my Virtual Machines are operational with any issue, my iSCSI datastore is showing as inactive but its status is showing normal.
It happend after I had removed iSCSI targets from Windows but and added new target after some time.
What I did;
  • Rescanned all datastore multiple times --- no luck
  • restarted management services from SSH of all ESXi hosts with command 
  • $ services.sh restart --- no luck
  • Removed and re-added targets from iSCSI (Windows) Side --- no luck
  • Removed few VMs which were in inaccessible state and then rescanned datastore --- no luck
Finally restarted each ESXi host at a time, it solved the problem.

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