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dot1x with Cisco Switch in GNS3 and CentOS Client

Today, I successfully completed a lab in GNS3 to work with dot1x wired authentication. In my lab, I used Cisco IOU L2 Image , FreeRADIUS Servers for remote authentication and CentOS 7 as a Client operating system. In this post I will show my working configuration for Cisco L2 Switch, where " no ip routing " is configured. And a snapshot for from CentOS for network security setting to authenticate with 802.1x protocol. On switch I used following configurations My Cisco IOU L2 Image is ACCESS-SW# sh version | in  Version Cisco IOS Software, Solaris Software (I86BI_LINUXL2-IPBASEK9-M), Experimental Version 15.1(20130726:213425) [dstivers-july26-2013-team_track 105] ! ACCESS-SW# show run ! ! output only dot1x related configuration ! aaa new-model aaa group server radius RADIUS1  server name FreeRADIUS aaa authentication dot1x default group RADIUS1 local dot1x system-auth-control ! interface Ethernet3/0  switchport access vlan 10  switchport mode acce

Unable to Send Video Stream from VLC through Cisco Router

Today, while working on a multicast lab on Cisco Router. I build a lab to send multicast stream from one end to other end via VLC. I found that, while checking router with " show ip mroute " command , receiver PC was successful registering with Rendezvous Point Server to receive required multicast traffic but the Multicast source (Sender) was not registering with RP. Upon a day's troubleshooting, i found in the packet capture that VLC Sender is sending multicast traffic with TTL Value 1, this is default behavior of VLC player and which will definitely be discarded by first receiving hop. So I have to increase the TTL value little higher so that the multicast packets can traverse to some hops and reach the receiver. To change the TTL value of the packet for sending multicast stream from VLC, you can change the default settings as per give below path and snap. I also tried this in GNS3 and was working fine. Go to Tools > Preferences >  Select ALL radio button