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Unable to remotely access vmware workstation VM with bridge adapter

So the issue is, I can ping the gateway IP address and access the internet from inside Virtual Machine running under VMware Workstation 16.x. But I am unable to access the same VM from my laptop or any machine on the local subnet address of that Bridge Adapter.  I followed all the troubleshooting steps at VMware KB  Troubleshooting network connectivity issues for Windows virtual machines in VMware Workstation (2019836)  and also followed a long list of suggested fixes at the vmware community discussion  Network Bridge Mode Not Working Windows 10 Host , but nothing worked for me.  My VM and workstations was running for months without any issue and suddently this isssue has happed, so I started thinking of installing recent programs in my laptop that might cause the issue. And I found that one of the recent program installed in my PC is Citrix Gateway app, I could also see a virtual network adapter create by this app in the Network and Sharing Center .  Upon un-installing this Citrix gat