How to set IDLE PC value in gns3

By | May 10, 2011
You may also like to know why the idle pc value is set in gns3 Here is how idle pc value is set in gns3

  • First of all drag and drop your desired router in the topology diagram section of the gns3
  • Start the router by right clicking it and selecting Start
  • Again right click and select idle pc value as shown below

  • A list of suggested idle pc values is given to you. Remeber the best idle pc value is the one with the value 51 or 52. If the idle pc value is not given with this number then cancel it and generate other idlepc values until you get the value with 51 or 52.

Note:- You can check whether the selected idle pc value is  working good or not by seeing performance of your PC’s CPU in windows TASKMANAGER. If the graph is CPU working graph is decreased to zero or minimum then you have selected right idle pc value for your CPU other wise generate other values as in step 3 until you get best idle pc value.

  •  After selecting the desired value click OK and you are done.