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Telnet Console Session to GNS3 Router and Switches Stops working

I am using GNS3 VM and connecting to it remotely from my laptop.

I was facing an issue where telnet to GNS3 routers/switches stopped working, though required router or switch was working properly and passing traffic but somehow it was disconnecting the telnet session. This issue happened when I directly close the telnet session,  or when my laptop is locked/logged off and upon re-connecting to GNS3 VM, I was unable to take console session to the router/switch until i restart the particular router/switch.

Solution to this problem was to properly "exit the console session with cli command" and not closing the putty window directly.
Or you can configure your router/switch for console timeout after some time. 

Unable to Perform Image Update on the Adapter 2 Intel Corp UCSC-PCIE-ID10GF

While applying Service Profile to newly discovered UCS Rack Servers (UCSC-220M5L)  getting this error " Unable to Perform Image Update ...